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I'd rather stay here, with all the madmen, than perish with the sadmen roaming free.... [24 Mar 2007|07:14am]
[ mood | moody ]

My aunt is visiting. I have seen her for a total of 45 minutes, since she arrived on Wednesday. Already I have been tempted a couple of times to threaten her with the Big Dark Secret, privy only to she, me, and a dead man, simply in order to get her to shut the fuck up.

Work is infuriating. Uni is exasperating. Public Transport is maddening. I have PMS. My usual source of hugs, snuggles & soothing words is too far away. I have to be up for work in 4 hours and I can't sleep.

I am Miss CrankyPants!

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Do you want a safe life, or an authentic one? [03 Feb 2007|05:09am]
[ mood | sad ]

Vale Aveline.

I am but one of so many people out there who has tried to post about what they feel upon knowing that this magnificent person has passed. Similarly, I find that words are not enough to express what she was, and what she meant to us all. All I can think of to say is that in every memory that I have of her, however strange or mundane, I remember her as being never anything less than an utterly decent and true person. I didn't know her as well as I wanted to, more than some, less than others. Nevertheless, she left her indelible and completely unique mark on me, and helped shaped a significant part of who I am today... something for which I will both eternally thank and damn her... and I kind of think she'd like that. She will be sorely missed.

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"Oh, it was horrible Johnny, there was cheesecake and pork chops everywhere." [21 Jan 2007|02:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Sometimes reading the things that are written on boxes or packaging can be really amusing.

We have these 'Food Safety' labels here at work which you stick on your food to name & date it, (so that your co-workers know to hide the empty containers in the bottom of the bin when they nick it out of the fridge or your drawer). 

Anyway, the slogan on the side of the box says "Making the world a safer place to eat."

Mmmm. Tasty world. *nyom* *chompf*

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waxy residue on the self-adhesive vinyl flooring of your dreams [20 Jan 2007|10:58pm]
[ mood | working ]

Note to Self - When you drink two beers and a large glass of wine before you leave work, you cannot really expect to then get through the 2-hour journey home on Public Transport without really needing to pee at some point.

Also, I'd just like to mention that I really hate that feeling you get, when you open up your bag to get out something that's always in there, such as your sunglasses, and you find out they're not in there. Trying to remember if you just left them at home on your desk, or if you in fact left them on the train seat next to you when you were fishing around in your bag for the iPod earlier. I've lost too many decent pairs of sunnies that way. And umbrellas too (on the rainy days when you actually need them, not on the sunny-after-all ones when they're just another annoying thing to carry).

Oh well, I guess I'll find out which when I get home in 2 hours or so. Bah.

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brace yourself with the grace of ease [31 Dec 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

'You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.'

Minutes left of the year.

Here we go peoples. Let's make it a good one.

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not much between despair and ecstasy... [30 Dec 2006|07:02am]
[ mood | sublime ]

Well, silly me thought that no-one would really post much over Xmas. I have quite a lot of posts to catch up on it seems. My Xmas was rather quiet, but nonetheless still very good. While the official calendar date itself was not much, the "season" [ie, the days immediately before and after] were pretty darn special. I actually spent most of Xmas Day & Boxing Day feeling ill and lying in bed. I did get to see my brother, although my sister was absent this year, as she left to start an 18 month O/S jaunt by living & working in the Canada snowfields a month ago. Much wonderful mother-cooked food was eaten & gifts distributed. My mother and I exchanged matching gift vouchers amongst other things, and I received my regulation wheel of best-quality brie (every birthday & Xmas since I was 14).

In the days before though, I did have quite some fun with some old friends, both of whom I have not seen in years. Immediately after the extremely ugly incident in my last post, I was buzzing with adrenaline as I sat on the train, so I ended up texting & meeting up with alchemon and spending a good few hours doing circuits of Lygon St, babbling and rambling continuously at each other in between periodic stops for sustenance or a good bench-seat, before he drove me all the long way home and we sat continuing the ramble in my driveway for a good hour or so more before commonsense & sleep-deprivation prevailed.

Then, the next night, I was treated to a night of fabulousness with the_funkmeister, for which we both got all dressed up. We start quite early in the evening, and traveled into Lygon St again, to begin the night with some supremely divine chocolate treats at Koko Black. We savored an assortment of lovely little mini-delicacies from mousse to ice cream, to truffles, a micro-muffin and biscuits. As well as this, I enjoyed a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cocktail, whilst the_funkmeister had a Mint Chocolate Ice-cream Martini (which came complete with extra mint-chocolate drizzling-sauce), both of which were luscious, and are are pictured below. He took the first two pictures, which explains why the first photo is framed so well ;)

We continued the night with coffee at another venue and then later settling down for a few hours with a delicious dinner and good bottle of wine at one of the many Italian restaurants. Then we headed back to his place, and sat up drinking & rambling on his couch until past dawn this time. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty marvelous night.

Since then, I have pretty much spent my time happy, for many reasons. This is an irregular occurrence for me, and I am glad that I have taken the time to document it.

Although I choose not to believe in such petty superstitions, I almost feel that I don't want to jinx anything by saying that despite the multitudes of shite that has engulfed my life of late [and seeming-forever]... I actually feel like 2007 is finally going to be a Good Year.

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My love machine, my maddest dream [29 Dec 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | working ]

When sitting on Public Transport, etc, I will often be listening to music, and sometimes I will mouth along the words to the song, especially if it's something I am really getting into. For the last week, this has included - Depeche Mode - 'Personal Jesus', EMF - 'Unbelieveable', David Bowie - 'Let's Dance', The B-52's - 'Love Shack' and Sneaker Pimps - '6 Underground'.

This is however, probably not the best idea when I am listening to something like Lords Of Acid - 'Crab Louse'.

Heh. At least it wasn't Consolidated feat. Yeastie Girls - 'You Suck'.

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gave up trying to figure it out, my head got lost along the way... [19 Dec 2006|02:42am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I am wearing a pair of blue jeans.

Why is this significant? Well, I haven't actually worn jeans in at least the last 12 13 years.

I've never really been a jeans girl very much before. Only exception being when I went thru a black-jeans & flannel-shirt phase in my early teens... I wore those things to death, but once I got gothed, they were slashed to bits and later died in the washing machine... Aside from that, I've only worn jeans on very odd occasions, so this is a little strange.

I got distracted while Xmas shopping today and decided to try a pair on.... then (after having another shopper's (rather delicious) partner stare at me the whole time I was checking myself out in the mirrors), I [obviously] bought them.

When I walked in the front door tonight wearing them, someone commented "Wow... you look almost.. normal." as a look of complete amazement & surprise took over their features.

The shape of jeans has changed over the years, hasn't it? It's all a lot more hipster-ey now... I remember reading about those legendary Sass & Bide ultra low-rise jeans which apparently had a zipper that was only 6 centimetres long. Well, these aren't hipsters, but the fly on these is still only... (goes to get measuring tape) 10 cms!! My poor little navel piercing is well on display, like it's never been before.

And what amazes me more is the fact that I do not have any "Muffin Top". At all.

But it does niggle me that my undies keep showing over the top at odd times, at the back mostly (flashes of purple flowers, or green satin, etc), and I am having flashbacks to all those times I have had "builder's crack" or "what a lovely g-string" exposed to me.... Now I have to go buy a whole bunch of new underwear, because I think I'm gonna wear these things to death too.

Oooh! Shiny Thing! [gets distracted]

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Mercy, mercy, I'm made of parts [17 Dec 2006|01:56am]
[ mood | weird ]

I have been wearing a couple of plastic bangles on my right wrist for nine years.

Continuously, 24/7. Those cheap translucent coloured ones that are filled with glittery liquid, which you can buy at any generic toy shop or discount store for 50 cents each, or a 4-pack for $2, which is what I got.

Originally the other two were worn by someone else, but that has little to do with why I kept them on. In fact, I don't even know why I have. I think I just got used to them, and they just became part of my everyday person. I wore them everywhere, with any outfit. Dressed up for weddings, or suited up for a job interview, I still wore my cheap plastic bangles. A blue one, and a purple one.

Tonight, at work, the purple one broke in half.

Now my right wrist both looks and feels very subtly odd, with only the blue one remaining. I can't say I really miss it, as it was after all, just a cheap plastic bangle.... but I can't help feeling a little bit sad. It's not as if they "meant" anything... but I've become so accustomed to them over the years...

Ahh, sentimentality over "meaningless" objects.

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Santa Claus is COMING TO GET ME! [16 Dec 2006|10:34pm]
[ mood | working ]

On the twelfth day of Christmas, animejo sent to me...
Twelve libraries learning
Eleven memories writing
Ten corsets a-cooking
Nine candles acting
Eight piercings a-flirting
Seven cats a-reading
Six hats a-drinking
Five alte-e-e-ernative lifestyles
Four star wars
Three fantasy worlds
Two multiple dimensions
...and a green in an amelie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

La la-la la-la, Jump On The Meme Bandwagon....

Well, out of all these I've seen so far, I really quite like mine! And I'm actually quite pleased about how it's turned out. :)

I now have this mental image of these animated disembodied corsets cooking, a la "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"... while the libraries do their learning, and the memories do their writing.... the candles put on plays while the cats read their books... and I flirt with my piercings, while wearing my six drinking hats! ;)
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the pros and cons of freedom of expression within the electronic media [14 Dec 2006|07:25am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

All previously considered wittiscisms have been abandoned in the face of the immediate revelation that I have had an active "online presence" for more than half of my biological life.

And as such, I am going to used my learned knowledge to surmise that half of you bums wont pay much attention to anything unless there's something salacious that catches your attention.

I have written something new. It follows the Carnival theme from storytapestry community, which quest started a few months back. A somewhat "introductory" post by him can be found here.

And here is what I have written.


Now, what the hell do you think of that, eh? (Please tell me, I really do want to know!)

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Six o'clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream... [13 Dec 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | retro ]

Well the tone of my previous post seems to have set the theme for tonight as well it seems. Delving back into my childhood, that is.

I am listening to two tapes, which were the first ever tapes that I bought with my own actual money. They are, Bananarama - 'Wow!' and The Bangles - 'Manic Monday'.

What's more, I am (obviously) listening to them on a cassette walkman. The thing is, that's the only type of mobile music device I have ever had. I never actually bothered to upgrade to a CD walkman, let alone a digital player (yet). I do have my own CD player at home, and I can remember that the first two CDs I ever bought when I got my first CD player were, Madonna - 'Erotica' and P.M Dawn - 'The Bliss Album'. I do have music on my computer of course, but when I feel the need to listen while travelling, I still use a cassette walkman. There is something to the mixed-tape after all....

I like to think of myself as 'retro'. :)

So, what was the first record/tape/cd you ever bought with your own money?

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i get this feeling i'm in motion, a sudden sense of liberty... [10 Dec 2006|02:44am]
[ mood | reminiscent ]

Well, squid_pants wants me to tell this story from when I was four years old.... So, without further ado, I present - "Waaaargh! THUMP!", or, "How Jo Learned She Could Not Fly." (alternative title suggestions welcome)

Kids do stupid things, I don't have to try and convince anyone of that. The stupid things they do usually get stupider if there are multiple kids involved, especially siblings. I am a Middle Child. This means I got to have the joy of not only having an older brother, but also a younger sister. (My sister doesn't have much to do with this story though, as she was still in nappies at the time.)

Read on, it involves a TRAMAPOLINE!!Collapse )


That's My Story, Thanks For Listening.

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i get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine! [09 Dec 2006|04:11am]
[ mood | restless ]

Every time I listen to this song, I remember being two different people -

Approximately ten or eleven, when we did a routine to this for the End Of Year Concert at my dance school. Our costumes were "chinaman" tunics & conical hats, in either blue or red satin, edged with silver glitter ribbon. We rocked.

Or I am approximately 16 or 17, rather drunk & wearing lots of skimpy black clothing, and discovering for the first time that this song is played in clubs, and many other people also love it & will dance to it.

Well, I'm not drunk, have to work tomorrow, and this time I'm in my pajamas, but I'm still dancing ;) Heh, I ran into one of my old friends from dance class a while ago, and she admitted that for years, she'd actually thought the muscial was a singing chess-pieces disney-type thing... Hehehe...

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you shall see good & evil. [03 Dec 2006|02:06am]
[ mood | frustratingly dance-y ]

I have been scanning YouTube for music I can stand to listen to for the last odd hour or so...

And I would just like to mention, for the record, that is actually depresses me, that there is someone out there in the world, who has gone, "Juno Reactor + Mighty Morphin Power Rangers = Naturally Funky Combination!"

Oh goddamn, were your brains raised in vats?!

[*edit* - although I must admit I *do* like that fact that when I search for "Mambo Number 5" within YouTube, the results automatically bring up a link to 'Bob The Builder'.... <fx: "can we fix it? yes we can!"> ]

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I get knocked down, but I get up again... [28 Nov 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Uni is done with.

Plans for the near future include beer.

That is all.

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Tomorrow never comes until it's too late [20 Nov 2006|04:42am]
[ mood | gruntled ]

To fight off the madness, I have taken to buoying my spirits by getting excited about small things.

Such as the fact that I finally have real chai! Not that awful supermarket-bought artificially flavoured tea-bag stuff, but a real proper loose tea blend. I discovered that the Organic Wholefoods shop around the corner stocks my favourite brand in 3 varieties! joy!

I also had a craving for a chocolate croissant, but couldn't find any at nearby bakeries or shops. So, being a resourceful and determined lass, I made my own.

And I have also been watching a tape of episodes from recent weeks of one of my favourite shows, Spicks & Specks, which is a music quiz show. They did one of my favourite segments, which they havent done in ages - Musician Or Serial Killer?, which is very simple. They flash up someone's portrait for each team, and they have to guess whether the person in the photo is a musician or a serial killer. Most of the time, it's pretty hard to tell :) Tonight, one team got a black & white picture, with a bit of a 50's look to it, of a nice-looking young white guy. It looked a bit familiar to me, and I was convinced it was a serial killer. That was what the team decided as well. You know who it turned out to be?Collapse )

So, all in all, it's been a pleasant hour or so escaping the real world, laughing my ass off and yelling at the TV. Additionally, I have a hot cup of freshly-brewed chai tea, with milk & honey, accompanied by a freshly-baked homemade chocolate croissant.

And for some wierd, unknown reason, this song always makes me feel good when I hear it.

Sometimes manufactured happiness has to be enough.

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We're not thinkin' of ways to get an octopus to commit a crime, that has failure written all over it [04 Nov 2006|12:51am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

My body is having it's revenge upon me.

Almost immediately after I last posted, I went to stand up, and realised that I could not stand all the way straight. I was fine 5 minutes before, but now my lower back had decided to stop working. I'f I tried to stand up straight, there was Major Pain.

And so I have spent the last day or so bent over. I can still move at a fairly good pace, but only if my upper half is still bent forward. And I have a lot of things to do... so there I am scuttling around the place, all bent over. It is apparently quite funny to watch. I feel like I should be saying, "Yeth, Mathter! Of Courthe Mathter!" a lot of the time.

It's all my own damn fault really. I was the one who decided to try and lose my mind in physical activity, and now I'm paying the price. I couldn't make it to work today, which means I'll have to try and make it up during the week... but I did make it out to uni for a brief period, with the aid of a crutch. It's amazing how much people suddenly take notice of you when you have something that makes you look disabled, coupled with the sort of grimace on your face that says you are liable to place it just about anywhere you see fit.

And so what's the most significant thing I learned today? That with summer coming, I should pay more attention to my feet. My toenails look awful.

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tomorrow has to start somewhere... [31 Oct 2006|04:47pm]
[ mood | busy ]


In an earlier post I described a suitcase as being "big enough to fit 2, maybe 3 dead bodies in".... I'd just like to point out that despite the wierdness of the situation I was describing, that wasn't at all what I actually thought was in the suitcase.... that was just the very first and most appropriate-seeming description of size that popped into my head.

I wonder what that says about me?

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all the subtle flavours of my life become bitter seeds & poison leaves without you [30 Oct 2006|02:46am]
[ mood | crumbly ]

This weekend has also been a Public Transport Black Hole Weekend too, which just made things all the more BIZARRE.

Firstly, this morning, my bus nearly caught on fire. There we were, rumbling down the highway, packed into every corner like sardines, when someone yells "Holy Fuck! THE BUS IS ON FIRE!", and everyone on the bus swung around to look, which actually made the whole bus lurch in a really bad way, and sure enough, there is blackish smoke coming from somewhere under the bus, past the window. Everyone freaked. The bus driver pulled over and everyone piled off as fast as they could... I've never seen little old ladies moves so fast... why can't they move that fast when they're getting on the bus in the mornings when I'm trying to get to the stations to catch a train?!

So there we were, some 70 people stranded by the side of the road with a dead bus. Ironically, a short while later the stopping-all-stations bus (we were the express) rumbled past, but it couldn't pick us up because it too was full. It took ages to get us a rescue bus, and I was an hour late for work.

Then, on the way home, thing were just wierd. I sat down on the bus, stashing all my bags & things securely about me.. then the next thing I know, one of the the scary wierdos whom everyone had been trying to avoid eye contact with on the train earlier rumbles up with this gigantic suitcase (big enough to fit 2, maybe 3 dead bodies in), wedges it in the space in front of me and says, "Here, hold onto this, if it falls over, catch it!", and then trundles off to sit at the front of the bus.

So, there I was, wedged between a giant suitcase that kept trying to fall over and crush the tiny ancient Vietnamese couple sitting opposite me, and an incredibly drunk, racist, smelly and loudly verbose older guy, whom I was also trying to distract enough to stop him spewing venom at the poor scared oldies.

Like I said, bizarre and wierd. Bob & Andy must be on something, they're getting really creative.

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